Our “Distressed Construction Project Audits & Assessment” services are designed to help property owners navigate and take the steps needed for the successful completion of their construction project when they see or encounter “Red flags” or issues while in the process of their new construction or remodel.

In today’s construction and remodeling environment, it is a fact that many times builders do not perform their work as it is contracted or expected. Sometimes the reasons for a project to have problems are not necessarily due to the contractor, but can be the result of a variety of other potential issues, from unsupervised subcontractors, defects on materials, unforeseen discoveries, etc.

When issues occur, we can use our experience and expertise to:

  • Audit the project and find all the issues, whether monetary or quality based.
  • Write a detailed report identifying all issues.
  • Provide a suggested path to correct the issues and get the project back on track.
  • Perform ongoing inspections during the remaining construction to help minimize set backs.

Contact us for a preliminary interview if you are currently experiencing issues or delays in your project.